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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I felt so inspired and moved to SAY God is amazing in this wait on wait period.

This morning, I woke up to a whisper from God to me. God whispered: “when you did not feel things moving, guess what? I was carrying them”. I broke into praise because I realized how patient God has been with me. As much as I’ve been waiting on him for some things, God also provided me with so many tools during this journey. In so many areas of my life, God gave me keys to certain doors and I was the girl who analyzed every key placed in my hands. I looked at every key and wondered, hmm is the gold key really for the silver door? As I sat and analyzed God’s beautiful puzzle of my life, God smiled. Why? THERE ARE NO LIMITS WITH GOD! WHAT HE DECLARED OVER YOU IS DONE! YOU HAVE NO NEED TO DOUBT!

The blueprint of our lives is not limited to the narrow mindset ideas we have compared to God’s BRILLIANT PLAN OF UNENDING POSSIBILITIES for our lives. God’s puzzle falls in place when we submit to not just His plan, but also his ROAD MAP! I hit RESET for my life and took a leap of faith. The road during this time of leap of faith was not smooth. It did not go as I planned prior to taking the leap. However, God SHOWED UP and HE KEEPS SHOWING OFF! I LOVE HIS ROAD MAP! It is a much better route. It comes with advance knowledge on what is coming next and what turns to take to get me to the next level. At the darkest time in my life, God was so clear/vivid about His ROAD MAP.


Why am I sharing this today? There are women around the world who find themselves in very dark places. I truly pray you read my blog and be inspired and empowered to hold on during the period of wait. In this period of wait, God will take you deeper. He will provide you roots so deep. You are not DEAD. GOD is not DONE WITH YOU! You are just a seed growing deeper roots to hold up the height you have to grow to in this life. Be prayerful, be thankful and do not over analyze God’s voice or sit in pity. Move when God says MOVE!

God of wonders is fighting unknown battles and manifesting HIS GOODNESS!
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