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Congratulations to President Biden, VP Harris, and their families!

This is one of the most beautiful days in the world. It sends a couple of messages:

1. Humanity is still in the hearts of many voters.

2. Your time is set by God

3. Glass ceilings were made to be shattered by those brave enough to weather the storms with God’s lead and help. Congrats to President Biden and VP Harris for placing more holes in the glass ceilings of the world. The ceilings of race, gender, and age have multiple hits in them. We await its global collapse one of these days.

Congratulations to “Uncle” Joe Biden and “Aunty” Kamala Harris and their families. Yes, we as Africans have chosen the titles in quotation to signify the end of an era where our continent is call shithole by a U.S. President.

This is a magnificent historical and spiritual moment. God said he would be, and He is! That is the true PROPHETIC! God’s word does not shift or fall to the ground! Mr. President, Joe Biden 46th president and Vice President Kamala Harris! Lead this world and show the way to nations around the world, not titling them as shithole, but see the potential within its borders.

There is a time or season for everything. Biden tried twice, but the third time was the goal. He expected his son to be, but here he is as the 46th President of the United States and VP Harris as the first woman. There is such a strong message here. The Lord released the below scripture after midnight today. God will release you in certain seasons when it is time to be fruitful. Congratulations to The U.S., 46th president Mr. Joe Biden and VP Harris. Everything is so beautiful, and you deserve it.

SCRIPTURE: I do not want you to be unaware, brothers and sisters, that I planned many times to come to you (but have been prevented from doing so until now) in order that I might have a harvest among you, just as I have had among the other Gentiles.

Romans 1:13

Photo courtesy of AP

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