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I Break My Silence: Celebrating Women

Dear beautiful women,

Happy Women's month! Every day is for us to live life to the fullest, but we are grateful for a month to celebrate. I am even more excited about International Women's Day. Today's post celebrates women around the world. Let's dive in!

I break my silence. I break my silence to announce to the world that you, with curvy hips, 4c hair, flat boobs, big breasts, no butt, big butt, weave, or wig, are the world's most treasured gift to grace the earth.

I break my silence. I break my silence to announce beauty and brains that no one can place you in a box. You are the mother of humanity made to soar in tranquility. You can't be tied to the ground by the actions of humans who fail to recognize your worth. Your worth is not embedded in the wig you wear or your size. Your worth is the gold within you that flows like lava on the outside when placed in an environment to blossom.

I break my silence. I break my silence to acknowledge your beautiful crown of honor. A crown that should not fall to faith abusers, family, or work aggressors. Instead, your crown should be polished by motivators and inspirational leaders who can speak healing to your soul.

Only healing to the soul breaks the chains of life, allowing you to sit on your throne.

Dear Queen, rise to the occasion solely for you to rule. Vacate the company of the ones downgrading you, ripping your heart and soul through words you smile at because of their proximity to power.

Noble one, break your silence. Break your silence on the injustice that surrounds you. From your pay to the opportunity for leading positions is under attack by the one who came out of your canal and forgot women are kingmakers.

Break your silence because it is not a laughing affair for anyone to negatively speak about your body size, hair, nails, hips, thighs, breasts, or intelligence. Those things are all subject to change with age, time, or money. What is constant is the core you. Yes, who you are inside matters. Don't be fooled to dress the outer you and neglect healing your soul. Dressing to catch the eye of another without knowing what is within you will be a tragedy for a queen. When you heal the inner, the outer will align. We dress from the soul, believe it or not. Remember, broken people hurt others, but healed individuals create transformation.

Your eminence, please transform the world you are called to by God. Lights, and let's roll the camera on you. Your carpet is rolled out; Sit tight on your destined throne. Happy Women's Month!

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1 opmerking

03 mrt. 2023

Beautiful, inspiring and empowering ❤️👏🏾👏🏾

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