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Working from Home & Health

Hello Beautiful people,

So, let's get started with some updates. 2021 came with some trials, but God is always great at victory. So, I am excited to say thanks to God for always showing up. We will have a day we speak about those, but today, I am writing about our work from home culture.

First and foremost, I am extremely blessed to be working and from home during this pandemic. With elders around, I can't but thank God that I am home with family. So, thank God for working from home.

Nevertheless, a lot of us did not have a proper home set up for office. A year later, we still don't have a healthy work-home routine, which is our fault. You would think the work-life balance would be in place at home, but we have let work spill over into late nights and perhaps vice versa. For example, there is also stress for those with kids at home virtually learning. However, I would like to share three points to make work from home healthier.

  1. Develop a schedule for the day before the day.

  2. Organize your space and pay attention to mental overload, physical activity, and ergonomic needs. The strain on our necks and backs is not worth it. Is your chair at home appropriate? Is your computer at the right eye level? Do you take frequent breaks to walk? How much information are you processing a day? Do you take mental breaks and breathe? What's your activity to destress?

  3. Think through the Gratefulness lens, which should probably be number 1. A heart of gratitude can switch your mood. We should always consider that if you are reading this blog, you are surviving a pandemic. Yes, there is overwhelming grief, but still standing is a pause for a grateful heart to God.

I hope you enjoy reading. "You pray for me, and I pray for you."

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