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About me

I dream of seeing my footprints on earth as God leads me over life's hurdles into my destined palace. As an epidemiologist, entrepreneur, and writer, my goal is to translate my life experiences into lessons I can share to empower individuals, families, communities, and society at large.
I have created brands such as Liberia Fashion Week, Miss Intercultural, I Rock Africa, Poshly Poised, and Herfidence under Cammepa Productions (soon to be Cammepa Inc).
In 2023, I aim to carry you on my journey post my father's death. My father, Mr. Charles D. McIntosh, Sr. (entrepreneur), and mother, Mrs. Margarette Zondo Mellish McIntosh (former Acting Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Liberia, Attorney-at-law, and entrepreneur), nurtured my entrepreneurship gift from age 4. I invite you on my journey as God leads me in purpose. 

I am grateful to God for keeping me. Dear God, you have shown me how real you are once again. Jesus, thank you! Here am I, your channel. I am grateful to those who have stood with me. I am thankful to Father J. Jellico Bright (91 years strong) and Bishop Dr. Kibby Otoo (my fathers). I honor them publicly. I am grateful to all the Bishops, Pastors, family members, close friends, and work colleagues who have played a significant role in my healing from grief. I publicly thank my mother, Mrs. McIntosh; you are SOLID! I honor you- Thank you, Mommy! My brothers, Pastor Anthony and Dr. Harven, who are now the fathers of my biological family, thank you. As for my sisters, Tee Catherine Mondaymah, Mercy, Charlesetta, and Catherine Huntress, words can not describe my gratitude-Thank you! To my nieces and nephews, God has you- Thanks & Love you!

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