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Africa Girls Ask

To empower Africa's next generation, we must challenge their self doubts. In the below video, most girls did not see themselves as future political leaders at the beginning of my talk. Some had their heads down when I engaged them on the thought of being a political figure. They could not imagine themselves as future political leaders. They saw themselves as the next generation of doctors and nurses, but a role in the development of their country, no. They looked defeated in that arena. At the end of my talk, they were the ones who kept me for one on one discussions about how they could do anything a male could do. Their ask: can we, as girls, be presidents? My answer: even if it has not been done in your country, you will break that glass ceiling. We have examples here in Africa. You can be your country's example.

The Tosh Foundation will launch our Africa Girls Ask project during the celebration of International Women's Day. The girls of Africa have an ask. What is that ask? How are we meeting their ask?

The Tosh Foundation also has an ask this year. Please visit Tosh Foundation and connect with us today.

Enjoy a clip from my motivational talk to youth in Tema, Ghana.

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