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Dear Trailblazer

Hello, beautiful people.

Happy Women's Day! I feel elated to be writing to women on this Day. I am writing to stimulate our thoughts about how we'll chart March 8, 2023, to March 8, 2024. Let's dive in!

Dear Trailblazer,

Today is uniquely set apart to embrace the entirety of you, but are you celebrating you? Are you taking a moment to assess the disservice we render ourselves as women by settling for what is below scope? When I say below scope, I refer to accepting the crumbs only the ground should behold. Yes, we face enormous opposition to sitting in rooms and at tables men in this patriarchal world tend to hug because of the fear of the creators (women) coming to the table. This inequity is profound in the U.S. for women of color- Black women are double minorities. They are women and black. The same applies in other parts of the world. Yet, I keep asking myself if the fight for equity should tread more on the side of us creating successful tables that will buy the tables of the ones who kept us out because of our gender.

It is time that our companies not only seek funding but for us to create supportive circles to ensure that no woman in our reach fails. Wait, let me make a bold plug for our Herfidence program. It is time to truly help a sister hold up her crown. Let's be honest. Women must stop tearing down their sister's soul because the only means to the place of affinity in their minds is by breaking another sister into pieces, which could take her decades to restore.

On this international women's Day, we speak the language of innovation and technology for all. Let's ensure that the "all" will not represent women who have created schoolgirl groupings in the working world. I understand we all need a circle of iron to sharpen us. However, it is time to rise up and do what is right by ourselves and the sister next to us who may not necessarily be our confidant. It starts in homes, churches, workplaces, and other social settings. It begins by being TRUTHFUL! It starts by having EMPATHY! It starts by showing RESPECT! It grows by being PRESENT and not showing up at leisure in your own life and your sisters. It begins in the words we say to ourselves and the support we give sisters around us. You can accomplish the world, but if you can not show me a sister you have built not for your fame but for her gain, I advise you to get back to the drawing board and map up a new plan.

As I end, I want you to know that I celebrate the "entirety" of you. Writing to you brings joy to my heart only God can describe. Dear Trailblazer, I celebrate that you will live this year intentionally. I applaud your business starting. I dance to you obtaining higher education. I glide runway style to you, embracing yourself in a blanket of self-love. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY WITH HEARTS!

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