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Inflection Point

Life has turns. We may be up here and down there, but what trumps is the lesson learned from every situation. We will face the point of inflection in our lives. The real question is, how will we handle it? I found myself walking in tears one early morning. A lot occurred, and the "strong-minded" person I am, found myself in tears in the middle of a bustling street. Private me, placed a hood on my head and kept walking with my head down. I starting thinking, my life is so off schedule. What you've promised me does not look real. Is something off with my spiritual radar? While crying, I got a message from someone, and this message added fuel to the fire. I get it; children are blessings. As odd as it may sound, that was my final inflection point to joy and walking in purpose. I heard three questions within me; 1: when did you start walking with your head down and why? 2. How did you let in unbelief? 3. the big question, Where are you on the purpose blueprint timeline I gave you? My answer: Dear Lord, MERCY ON ME!

See, it took some hard conversations with myself. I woke up every day determined to make my point of inflection positive with God's direction and help. One day, I realized my life curve had shifted from negative to positive. The Lord visited me and left His presence.

Life lessons are hard, but what we make of them matters. Everyone will not do right by you. They have their hearts and a life to live. And guess what? You have your life to live. You are a gem. A beautiful rare gem on a journey to be the best purposeful you. Smell your bloom and get moving boldly in your purpose. I hope my inflection point testimony blesses you to take hard lessons and make them your footstool to success.

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

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