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Personal Rebranding Strategies

Dear beautiful people,

Spring is upon us in a month, which means the second quarter is here. How are you positioning yourself for the second quarter? Today we cover three (3) strategies as food for thought.

Understanding what is in your DNA

The marketing term unique value proposition or unique selling proposition also applies to you. If you are going through steps to reposition yourself, you must understand what you offer. Don't focus on what you currently provide your target audience, but maximize your capacity by exploring other gifts and talents you need to enhance. Rebranding should not be repackaging what you already offer but the self-exploration to determine what else is in you and how it can benefit others. The self-exploration begins with God. He is your Master Creator and formed us to be creators. His plan for your life is essential to your rebranding- Who are you? What were you called to be? What is your purpose on earth? How can you benefit humanity in 2023 compared to 2022? Once you understand your core, then start the physical work of rebranding. List your knowledge, skills, abilities, passions, credentials, educational attainment, beliefs, strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and lived experiences.

Create a personal brand plan.

Redefine your Target Audience, products, and services

Our target audience in 2020 may be different from 2023. Growth comes from stripping the fluff and getting to the core of you. Our growing process matures our talents. We acquired learned lessons from experiences unique to us. Those learned lessons, our passions, talents, skills, and educational knowledge, place us in a position to create products and services uniquely beneficial to a specific group. With the new understanding of ourselves and our unique value, we should develop solution-driven products and services. Also, we must redefine the audience in need of those products and services- the target audience.

Showcase your products and services to the world

Rebranding and placing it under your pillow won't get you moving. You have to activate your plan, which includes a communication/marketing strategy. Every personal brand needs a robust marketing plan. It would be best if you had captivating visuals to include your logo. Revisit your rollout. Start afresh if that's what it takes (examples: photography, logo, website, and social media rebranding). Don't just make noise; be determined to fly like an eagle. Partner with those with the skills to place your brand in the sight of your target audience.


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