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Seven (7) Steps to Keep Accountable to Your Purpose

Hello Beautiful People,

Happy Friday! God blessed me with some thoughts on Wednesday. I wrote and could not wait to share them today. Often, being stagnant is not only the barrier placed by others, but it has to do with us as individuals rising to the call of our purposes. Often, we self sabotage because of one or more of the below:

  • the lack of knowledge of one's purpose

  • the lack of understanding when it comes to one's purpose

  • being afraid of God's given purpose

  • or carrying a weight that tears away at our purpose.

Seven (7) steps to keep accountable to your purpose.

  1. Obtain purpose from Elohim, God your Creator. If there is confusion in mind about your purpose on the earth - you need to seek God to know it clearly and Now. Downloading your purpose is different from receiving the revelation of the everyday details of how you will be used as a vessel. Do you know why God created you and what is your assignment on earth? For example, were you made to lead people from financial bondage to freedom? Were you created to be a vessel of healing to the world? What is your purpose? Why are you not clear about it? What hindrances are blocking your view?

  2. Commit to your purpose. When we are uncommitted to the path God designed for us, we leave it open for the devil to steal, kill, or destroy many opportunities on our journey. We are headed to Milan when California awaits us. In addition, leaving one's path opens the door for you to focus on the journey of others while your purpose awaits you. Not committing to one's purpose also allows for the delay, leading to self-doubt and punches to one's self-esteem. The Bible tells us, hope deferred makes the heart sick- Proverbs 13:12. Don't delay committing to your purpose because it somehow ends up slowing down the blessings in your life.

  3. Seek the roadmap from God for your purpose. Your roadmap gives a spiritual direction and your physical strategies. Without spiritual guidance, you are merely wandering. Without physical strategies, you will be walking without the manifestation of God's promises on the earth. Such a walk brings no glory to God.

  4. Activate your physical strategies. Once you have the roadmap, you can't be idle. You have to activate downloaded physical strategies. Here is where you convert the downloaded strategies into an action plan. Do you need a certificate to accomplish what is needed? Do you need to start your business? Do you need a business plan? Do you have to attend seminary? Perhaps, it is research needed? Whatever it takes to convert your downloaded strategies to paper is a step we often delay or skip. Procrastination sneaks, and self-doubt allows people to sit at the red light sleeping. On the contrary, we need to set smart or smarter goals to accomplish and create a personal action plan. S = specific, M = measurable, A= attainable/achiever, R= Realistic, T = time-specific, E = can be evaluated, R= can be reviewed/readjusted. To learn more about SMART Goals, like HERFIDENCE.

  5. Implement your action plan. Work your goals and check them off. The implementation phase is where you do what you have planned and have written. You launch that business or take that course. Here your purpose is in full action. Guess what? I see you working your plan! Can you let me know you are working your plan?

  6. Reassess/evaluate your progress, make corrections, and keep moving. Don't stay in regrets. There will be moments you have to reassess or evaluate. There are times when you have to readjust. Just keep moving according to God's direction. Things may look not alive, but remember you have planted a seed. It will break through one of these days.

  7. Be thankful to God, be flexible, and go through the steps daily to ensure you stay on your path. Thanksgiving will keep your heavens open to keep in alignment with your assignment.

There you have it- your seven (7) steps.

Thanks for reading!

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