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Truth be told

Hello Beautiful People,

Our year's theme of intentional living is creating a buzz. Thank you for reading and sharing. As we close up the work week, we want you to think of "Truth be told" to assist you on your journey next week. Enjoy the points below.

Truth Be Told

  1. You are equipped to succeed because God embedded talents and tools of success within us.

  2. We have or can gain the skills needed to push us higher.

  3. Life is phenomenal because our glass is half full and never half empty.

  4. It is possible to be financially stable.

  5. Your dreams are not only plausible, but they are attainable and feasible. Your dreams await you this 2023.


  1. Our self-entrapment protects our delays.

  2. We are too busy with others and forget to "mind" ourselves.

  3. Setting boundaries feels odd at times. It often leaves you alone, and people hate their own company.

  4. Procrastination is a simple word for I chose a person, place, or thing over my success.

  5. It is not that people don't believe in themselves. People don't believe in the capacity God has given them to succeed.


  1. Put God First

  2. Commit to living intentionally.

  3. Get organized. Get rid of life's clutter.

  4. Plan your year with monthly targets and weekly goals.

  5. Get help. Sign up to participate in Herfidence's upcoming workshops and events by subscribing to Also, subscribe to this blog to receive a discount for Herfidence.

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