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Saying No to Poverty in Africa!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

In 2019, about 70 percent of the world’s poor will live in Africa, which is an increase from 50 percent five years ago. Over 80 percent of the world share of the world’s poor will live in Africa in 2023. - The Brookings Institution

I can hear you saying there is NO HOPE! Don’t be FAST to speak!

In 2019, African nations are seeing a reduction of the number of people living in “extreme poverty”. – The Brookings Institution. However, the World Bank has found that it is becoming more difficult to reach those remaining in extreme poverty because they often live in fragile countries and remote areas.

Where is the hope?

I see the threat of poverty as a major opportunity for us, Africans. Change is birthed out of hardships and the determination to see a move in the needle. We, as Africans, have the opportunity to shift our continent in our generation out of poverty. However, this shift cannot happen with the lack of good governance. This shift can not happen when we throw our votes to inept and corrupt leaders. The shift cannot happen when we decide to remain in our comfortable lanes and do not roll up our sleeves to work. Africa now housed some of the world fastest growing economy.

Are we creating sustainable jobs with benefits to pull our citizens in various countries out of poverty? We cannot allow the challenge of poverty to overwhelm us on a continent with such vast potential. We can not allow our now to deter us from the work needed to advance our future. Rather, we must look beyond our personal quest in order to achieve milestone successes as a continent.

The motherland awaits our creativity, innovations, integrity, entrepreneurship and more!


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