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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Thrive as a rose! Be not moved by your surroundings.

In a world with ever changing priorities, it is clear to state the only direction that matters to me is God’s. Even when it gets muddy with uncertainties, I know God will deliver. He has never failed me and won’t at this point in my life. The journey of Joseph did not take 2 years. It took a while. However, Joseph arrival was grand. The hope is for us who are roses carrying what seems so heavy to understand a rose grows in a bush filled with thorns. At the age of 17 years and about to graduate high school, my parents were told by my economics teacher the below:

Yeatoe is a ROSE, but she is surrounded by thorns. However, she does not allow the thorns to stick her.” Then, He said to me, stay as such!

The above statement I have imparted into other young women around me. Be a rose that stays beautiful regardless of the journey. I can tell you for sure the journey to success have some dark days, but God is in the midst of the storms, gloom, pain. There is a light on your path waiting to embrace you. #BeEncouraged

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