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Step Boldly During Your Testing Times

Good Day Beautiful People,

I am at a conference this week, but a thought came to mind and I needed to blog about it now. Testing times come because God loves us.

You may say - "Wait Yeatoe Gloria! This is a paradox to what I am going through. God's Love can't be what I am experiencing during my troubling times." - Trust me, it is Love!

God uses test to build our faith muscles in certain areas. He used test to build Father Abraham's faith in provision. He used test to build tenacity and release wisdom to Joseph for leadership. Your testing time is not something anyone can fight, but it is a journey you have to walk through to success. I believe the sooner we learn our lessons, the better we feel emotionally about the testing times. God is always victorious. He is the I AM. He selects when to test and when to release you.

There are many times when I've fought my processes. I am learning now to embrace disappointments, accept separations, engage when God tells me to instead of sit in pity. Stepping boldly even in the midst of testing times shows your faith and allows God to move you to another level.

I ask that you make a choice today to step boldly during your testing times. Submit to the process and follow the voice and will of God in this journey. I can tell you, it will make a difference in your life. It did for me. Shalom and May God bless you!

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