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The 2010s to the 2020 era.

We are ending a decade, and it is a beautiful thing to be entering, not just any decade, but a decade of double. We only see this sequence every hundredth plus one year. The last time we had a double, the year was 1919. So, the coming year can not be merely embraced by us. We must pour out everything God has in us and walk when He says walk. God's timing for 2020 blows my mind to the point I am out of the words to describe it.

Now, you understand why the test between 2010-2019. You comprehend the wrong turns, the scars from family, friends, loved ones. You see the purpose of the entrapment, dry season, and cuts so deep.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN GOD, WELCOME TO THE DECADE OF THE SUPERNATURAL WITH CAPTAIN JESUS our LORD AND SAVIOR! Hallelujah for God brought us through the decade of set up for divine visitation safely. THANK YOU, LORD! I've SURVIVED A Physical FIRE WITH NO BURN, NO SMOKE INHALATION! A CRASH IN THE SOUL! A Crash in finances etc. ALL AROUND, each crash was a set up for GOD to be GLORIFIED IN ALL THINGS! HALLELUJAH MASTER!

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