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Hello Beautiful People,

God is good all the time, not sometimes, but all the time.

I have some questions for you. How are you spending your time on earth? Are you spending your time on regrets? Are you focused on what is to come? Are you enjoying every breath you take?

It is wise to plan for tomorrow. It is imperative to learn from yesterday. However, it is death to joy to not breath your moments. God sends us beautiful memories and opportunities daily.

The word of God tells us that he loads us DAILY WITH BENEFITS. God sends blessings daily, not monthly or yearly.

We must be able to maximize our days to succeed in life. We can not forge forward when we are not focused on what God has blessed us within the day. Usually, we delay ourselves because of the inability to maximize our daily benefits from God. Perhaps this morning was meant for you to be in your downtown area networking, but you've failed to ask God his release for you on this day. Could it be God is waiting on you to partner with him not just for the big things, but for your daily steps? Could it be you've forgotten your daily actions lead you to mega doors? Note, I've said "your" daily actions. In this world of social media, people get caught up trying to keep up with the influencers and icons of social media. You can be an icon in your rights when you walk in your path God has just for you.

Live in your moments by partnering with God. Allow him to lead you in "your daily steps," and I promise you breakthrough will be around the corner. I AM A WITNESS! At age 21 years, I had many questions on my graduation day. The questions I had God revealed answers to me in his timing. Today, I've learned that those questions were not just me. It was the Holy Spirit prompting me to build a foundation at a young age, where after the storm, I could pick up and run. WALK with God! Walking with God does not mean you are perfect, but it allows you to run in your destiny with excellence. It enables you to live in your moments!

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