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A Father's Love: A Daughter's Dream

Hello beautiful gems,

God is moving and healing. To God be the glory for keeping my family and me during this period of grief. Today's post is A Father's Love: A daughter's Dream. ENJOY!

Every little girl dreams of a father's love. God ordained us to have earthly father love. A love that nourishes and corrects you. A love that provides and protects you. A love so deep that you feel secured by the presence of your earthly father.

Every woman hopes for a father's love so deep. A love that provides a security blanket but still allows you to fly high. A father's love that gives you wisdom yet allows for your mistakes.

Every little boy wishes for a father's love so deep that it grooms him into success. A father's love makes him know that even as a man, he has a backing! A father's love that opens his arms and hugs you no matter how old.

A daughter dreams of a father who will not only scope the ones coming near but directs her in her selection. A daughter dreams of a Daddy who makes her laugh hard until her heartbreak melts. A daughter dreams of a father who prays God's protection and favor over her when she is tired at the end of the day and falls asleep on the couch.

A daughter dreams of a father who becomes an angel when God calls him home.

Dance in Heaven, Daddy! Your legacy lives on.

Dedicated to Mr. Charles D. McIntosh Sr., Son of a Priest.

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