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Shrimp + Grits: Breaking Limits

Hello beautiful people,

Happy and beautiful Spring! I had shrimp & grits at a black history month event. The chef in me made the shrimp with a little twist from the Liberian shores. As someone who graduated high school in Texas, you would think I have mastered eating and cooking Shrimp and Grits by now. Think about it! Texas has its recipe for shrimp and grits, Texas-style shrimp and grits.

Yet, I did not find grits at the top of my foodie's list. I am not a fan of hot grainy mixtures. I can have my gari and kanyan*; those were my grainy mixtures. I added cream of wheat a couple of years ago, and now, I have added grits.

Not only did I enjoy the grits at the event, but I also came home and made some. The shrimp and grits were delicious. So, I repeated it a week later.

Lessons Learned to share

We place limitations on ourselves without exploring the possibility of a positive outcome. We tend to box ourselves in many situations, which only promotes delay. We draw boundaries around living, eating, working, and traveling. We box ourselves, our families, and our businesses without any tangible reason other than our dislikes. At times, the person you dislike is your destiny helper. The advice you ignore could save your life. The place you don't want to travel holds your breakthrough. The neighbor you think is loud is your marketer.

There are many cultures, countries, and diverse people in this world. Our goal is to ensure we build ourselves from the inside to out.

Live on purpose~ Soar above the skies, breaking all limits.

*kanyan - a Liberian sweet treat

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