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Happy March 2020

Hello, Beautiful People. It's MARCH! The month of March always rings the sound of excitement to me. Don't get me wrong, snow is beautiful, but having a warmer spring temperature on the horizon is what a tropical girl like me looks for in a climate-given-world.

I keep asking myself what we should expect as we are two months down and ten more to go this year. I keep thinking for me; I desire more of God. We are not perfect, and that's more why we need a perfect God to hold us closer each day. God is love and joy knotted by your desire to have only Him in the core of your circle.

Dear God,

Thank you for loving us perfectly. May we also bring you honor in all our days. We need you in our boat. Without you, Jesus, in our boat, we sink. With you, all things are possible.

To you be all the honor and glory.


Yeatoe Gloria

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