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My Destined Throne Moment

Hello, Beautiful Gems.

Can you believe we are almost in July? July 1st makes my grief journey seven months. It is not an easy road. However, the Lord God has a way to sit us on our destined throne. He comes at our darkest moments and gives us a healing transformation we can only describe as a miracle. He allows some of us to go through an unconventional route for a purpose attached to many.

My destined throne moment happened before the death of my father. A father-mother-daughter connection that pointed me to the promises of God. Life does not just happen. It is a journey one succeeds at while partnering with God and taking bold, directed, godly steps into your opened doors.

Our destined throne is attached to our mountain top experience. The destined throne is the phase where the most purposeful life happens. It is when no matter the obstacles, we rule daily in our arena.

Joseph, for instance, was still dealing with the separation from his father when he became second to Pharaoh in Egypt. He still had to come to terms with forgiving his brothers, yet, he was living his purpose on earth.

We often wait for the perfect season to announce our destined throne moment. The destined throne moment is a switch in your mindset that God is in absolute control of your life, and your partnership with him will allow you to walk in your purpose. As simple as it sounds, there lie your keys to success. I am in my destined throne moment and joyfully enjoying every bit of my rule.

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