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Oubliette to Palace

Hello, beautiful gems!

Today's blog post is to inspire the super eagles:

  • At the tip of their next level.

  • Marked for leadership in a particular arena.

  • Forgotten, abandoned, misunderstood.

As some of you already know, I am a student of Joseph, Son of Israel (Jacob). The story of Joseph is a life lesson to be stored in our minds and placed in action daily. Joseph was a promise in waiting for many years. He was destined to be a lifeline not only for his family but a rescuer for nations. Joseph's true joy rested in his family and affiliates. His trust leaned on the backs of his brothers or brotherhood. For this reason, Joseph, for years, dished out secrets he could have hidden in the bottom of his heart. He built the pockets of Potiphar instead of himself because of the state of his being (we will cover this in another blog post).

Joseph lived on a roller coaster of life, experiencing highs and some very low places. One of those low seasons was Joseph being physically placed in an oubliette. Oubliette derives from the French word oublier, which means to forget. Joseph was falsely accused of sexual assault and placed in a dungeon (which I believe was an oubliette given the historical period). Potiphar slammed Joseph in a place of no hope. As a matter of fact, he was just an enslaved person in their minds (another blog post on this is coming soon). Nevertheless, Joseph became "the prime minister" of Egypt, from the oubliette to the palace.

So, let's look at the oubliette. The oubliette is a specific dungeon at the bottom of a castle used to hold political and other prisoners. It has one escape route. Therefore, it is almost impossible to escape. The oubliette was used in those days because the captors were sure that the prisoners wouldn't escape. The oubliette was not a pleasant sight.

Oubliette: Think dark, cold, fearful, and isolated with no natural light.

At times, we find ourselves stuck in the oubliette of life. We find ourselves in a still position, a dark, cold, fearful, isolated space. This space is not one for progress. It is a crippling stage of life that one could easily let go of the promises from God. This phase of life makes you grasp, not due to being overwhelmed with good surprises, but because you can't breathe. Yep! This phase is your final stop before your palace foyer. You are within the perimeters of your destiny - at the bottom, but the next stop is the highest point, your destined throne. (another blog post on this coming soon)

What? No, impossible, you may think. I can't survive this moment. Trust me! It is your final moment to your palace with some stipulations.

  1. In this phase, God wants you to hear him. You have no distractions. So, you should focus on the words of the Most High and follow all of His instructions.

  2. At this point, you understand that the heart of humans can be wicked and selfish. Yet, you don't hold their actions as offenses. The offense will be a tool to block your blessings. Twist every negative experience into a learning opportunity. However, you are not obligated to hold manipulators in your space to prove you are not offended by them. The oubliette blocks liars, manipulators, users, frenemies, and competitors from you. They have forgotten you while God is molding you. So, stop creating avenues to remove the barrier God placed for you to be free from them. Wait in your oubliette phase, not focusing on the actions of humans but on what God downloads to you. Please take out your notebook and sketch pad and begin to write the purpose for your life, and sketch the roadmap to it.

  3. When released by God, use your God-given talents to be an aid to those in distress or need around you. You may just be helping your destiny helper. Joseph interpreted dreams in the oubliette. The interpretation of dreams was his ticket to the palace.

  4. Be kind even if the world is cold. A kind word is one of the most important currencies you'll use in the dungeon. It buys you smile credits.

  5. Discern opportunities as God brings them.

  6. Prepare yourself for the palace. The favor of God will ascend you to the palace, but it takes your accountability to harness the wisdom God gives you to maximize your palace opportunities.

  7. Thank God above all for the palace. Don't arrive and forget your maker. Being grateful is recognizing that you are merely a vessel, and God can select someone other than you to be that vessel.

Happy Weekend!

Genesis Chapters 37 -41

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