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Peace in the midst of a storm.

Hello beautiful people,

I pray all is well with you and your families. Being alive amid this pandemic does not come from being more holier than those we have lost to this fight, but for some reason, God has allowed us to be here by His Mercy. I first would like to start up with my sincere apology. Yes, I am sorry for not focusing on this blog and building it as God instructed years ago. Amid so many storms, this became a back burner. Then, I experienced a lack of zeal to publish on here because, at times, my posts here or on my social media pages were too raw to digest for others. In between the back burner and the lack of zeal for people-pleasing, I decided to leave this blog until... Imagine flaw as could ever be-Yet!

God is truly working a miracle. I have this zeal to write once again, and it is beautiful. So, I would like to bring you on a journey with me—a journey of rediscovering myself through inspiration, adventures, and what the Lord leads me to post. Would you mind subscribing and inviting someone to as well? We are taking it back to basics. Raw as ever with no blocks in Jesus Name.

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