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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

"I am an African girl in a colorful world"- I love my Africa/Africa Rising lyrics.

It has taken me days to pen my feelings on racial injustice on my blog. Although, I am vocal on my personal Facebook page. I could not come to the place to write a clear thought around racial injustice without tearing. So, please have patience with me as I express my concerns in this series.

It is beyond the thought of clean hearts that in this modern times, many still do not understand the racial equity fight. Racial equity says that Yeatoe Gloria McIntosh, an African woman can live in the U.S. or anywhere and have access to the same field of opportunities to fare equally as counterparts of other races. However, living black in the United States denies us entry to equal opportunities. Living black in the United States means that we have to work twice as hard to achieve what our counterparts get handed on a golden plate. Our lives are at higher risk, especially our black brothers, nephews, sons, fathers, cousins, friends, and work colleagues. #Blacklivesmatter #RIPGeorgeFloyd #RIPBreonnaTaylor #RIPAhmaudArbery and the many more not named here.

Why is racism still a part of the U.S. fabric?

Racism is embedded in the U.S. story. Hence, it will take so many moving parts to pull that weak thread out of the fabric. How does one remove the weak thread when it is what sits in power? Although racism is a weak link that prevents a unified nation, it holds influence over a vast number of what is considered the majority.

So, where does that leave us? Where is the change? Many of us are tired of the racial injustice in the United States and on a global front. On the global front, Africa is fighting to raise her head after her continent was looted and ravaged by colonialism. We are still battling racist foreign policies that benefit not Africa. We need to package our energies in our various communities. We must not let go of this moving train of justice and plight for an end to structural racism. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others are the catalysts to keep us fueled to seek for a change. Your skin color or heritage is the gold we need to hold on to during these times. It is the beauty of diversity and should not be what hold us back and causes premature death. We are fighting in our various capacities to ensure that the black little girl or boy being born today, be it on the continent or in Diaspora, has equal rights to freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity. The right to thrive given a level plain field.

What are your feelings and thoughts? I want to hear your view and story. Please leave a comment or message me at

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