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The Storm before the overflow

Hello, beautiful Gems.

Thanks for the messages during a period of my life where one line to me meant the whole world. It is the June season, which is summer in the U.S. The skies are bright, and take-off is in line for you.

This week's food for thought: If I am to be transparent, I truly felt at the top of my game in November 2021. I had a few things under my sleeves. I was basking in mental glory. However, my life came crashing on me at 6:52 am on December 1. I lost my father during a procedure. Yes, 91 years, but he had the strength of someone in his 60s or 70s. For six months, the Lord has walked my family and me through. I had to be intentional about ensuring I took the time to heal. It is still a process. However, the skies are blue again.

As I regrouped, a thought kept riding in my mind. What if this is your storm before the overflow? Then, the second thought placed strategically as a pit stop was, what about others in the peak season of their storms? I smiled! Now, God has allowed you to speak to my mind, Daddy; this is all you.

So, let's think about your storm. What is your impossible situation? Is your storm unique to the world, or have others survived it? Is it possible you are an eagle in the storm? Is this storm meant to propel you to higher heights?

The common saying is that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Perhaps your storm may be your rocket to success? However, you have to be intentional about your mental health to get there. You have to HEAL. Heal individuals created transformation. I want to encourage you. I have been through hurricanes, and God has never left my side. In the darkest hour, God is the Light. He is the compass. Hanging on to the promises of God for my life has brought me many blessings. It will be the same for you. TRUST GOD! Get ready to apply work to faith, for this storm is just your setup for the overflow.

To God be the Glory.

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