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A Healing Journey - Pain to Purpose

Hello beautiful people,

Happy and prosperous new week! We have to be intentional about living in our destined palace, true. However, we also must be intentional about our healing process, especially in dealing with the pain felt on the journey to the palace. (New to the blog, see destined throne).

Joseph, whom Pharoah elevated from the dungeon to leadership, is the foundation of this year of intentional living. He is our main study of the year.

Genesis 50:20 But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

Our lives are not in a vacuum. No matter who we are or where we are going, we will meet the ups and downs in different areas of our lives. At times, the test comes in relationships. I am not speaking only of romantic relationships, but family, friends, and colleagues. What I have learned is that every struggle has a lesson. It is either a moment of correction or a moment of God allowing you to feel pain for your destiny.

Today, I want to focus on the latter- feeling pain for your future. More so, healing from it.

You may say, Yeatoe, how is this Biblical? God is love. How will he allow pain for my destiny? Most called to people have to go through the challenges of people at all levels. You may drive through the Pharisees and Sadducees avenue, Balaam and Balak intersection, Haman's road, Mordecai's liberation street, Esther life and death highway, Ruth alley, and the Joseph interstate. Amid the storm, the goal is to stand still and wait for God's hands. God allows these things to strengthen our core, but also for us to understand that when we are in the same positions others abused, we remember to treat people with dignity and love. We elevate humanity and not be used as a tool to break the cores of our fellow humans.

Life is not on gold platters; even those with financial gold platters have other trials. Most problems are stuck in human relations- how we relate to our fellow humans. We are all not perfect. However, there are some challenges you can choose to rise above quickly. 1. When people expect you to stay present in their lives when they are absent in yours, know that they are being unreasonable; indeed, the actual definition of selfish. The anticipation that you would bow at one's feet when the same person's hands are already backstabbing others, including you, is ludicrous. There are a lot of curves and terrains on the way to your palace. However, you don't have to swing with all life's angles. There were moments in my life when I removed people because of their toxic nature. Folks want to be held in a particular manner but consistently tread on the hearts of others. So, feel free to remove toxic people, and set boundaries. Don't let anyone tell you, you are prideful or not humble because you chose positivity over negativity. Many of us have been where you are—dear beautiful human, exit who needs to be out. Make sure in the process that you heal. Broken people burn others, but healed individuals create transformation. Now, it is time to use our pain for a purpose.

So, drop the hurt. KNOW THE FACT!

  1. Where people are absent, God is present.

  2. Where people are manipulative, God vindicates.

  3. Where people are liars, God is the truth.

  4. Where people make false pronouncements, God will set you above them and crown you.

  5. Where people abandoned you, God will use you to carry many others.

Guess what? I had lots of love during my grieving process. However, I was abandoned in places by people I thought would never do so. Moreso, their explanation of what occurred was startling. However, can I tell you this one thing? The more chaos tried to lift its ugly head; God sent peace, love, resources, kindness, and unity. The Lord watches over us jealously.

So, what is today's message?

Allow humans to be humans. Humans have flaws. You do; I do too. However, choose positivity. Feel free to decide on exiting toxicity from your life, even if it is another human. Make sure that you ask God for healing where there needs to be. Let people judge. They have a million problems also on their heads. If they can not sit to determine how their problems will become solutions for others, but focus on you, then it is on them. Soar beyond the skies, knocking down every cloud that tries to limit you. The sky is not your limit. Its clouds create turbulence for you. You have to soar beyond it! SOAR free of people's expectations or views of you. Soar free of hurts, pain, and disappointment. Fly in this year to your destined throne. Sit in peace, for you are meant to rule.

Have a blessed week, kings and queens! Remember, God is your tabernacle.

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